Before what building date do I have to worry about asbestos in my home?  That is a question that many owners have.  To answer that question completely there are many different parts that need to be understood.  One of the parts we’ll discuss today is the timeline for certain acts that banned some asbestos applications and products.  A complete ban on asbestos in the US is not in place.

As a reference, the EPA website discusses the timeline for bans on asbestos.  It can be found at:

The first ban took place in 1973 at is was for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in fireproofing/insulating materials that were spray applied.

Asbestos pipe insulation and block insulation was banned for use on boilers and hot water tanks in 1975.  Additional criteria are involved to further define the types of insulation.

1977 saw the banning of asbestos in artificial fireplaces and wall compounds.  This is where ACM joint compound and was banned.

Spray applied surfacing materials were banned in 1978.  Many of the popcorn ceiling textures fall under this regulation.

In 1989 further bans were put into effect, but was mostly rescinded in 1991.

Spray on applications of great that 1% ACM were banned in 1990.  Again, there are certain circumstances where it can continue to be used.

In 2017, asbestos is being reviewed once again as a toxic substance to see if regulations are sufficient to protect the public.  From the patchwork of regulations that have been put into place over the years, the building owner must be very cautious when renovating or demolishing the structure.  The use of asbestos containing materials in different applications presents significant opportunities for various areas of the building to have undergone renovation where these materials were used.  Be very careful when renovating and ensure that proper testing and abatement has been conducted.