Mold Abatement

Molds are fungi that occur naturally and can be found growing on organic substances, in both indoor and outdoor spaces, wherever oxygen and moisture are present. Mold is so common that it is not uncommon to find it in private and public buildings and the surrounding property. It is spread through the reproduction of spores, and can cause illnesses ranging from coughing and stuffiness to fever in some highly sensitive individuals.

Mold can be considered a health hazard and should be removed from your home, school, or business environment. It must be remediated by trained professionals to minimize the risk of the spores contaminating nearby areas or structures. Risk Removal experts are trained and certified in the assessment, containment, and safe removal of mold from either inside a structure or outside on the property. For more information on mold and how Risk Removal will remediate it for you, please download our guide on mold abatement.

Free Guide on Mold Abatement

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