Roofing Removal

Demolition activities, such as removing a roof, can impact the health and safety of employees or residents if the work is not done properly. Prior to tearing off a roof, Risk Removal will assess the installed materials and identify any hazards, including transite roofing panels, that might be present. Transite is a composite fiber cement that was commonly used in roofing material following its introduction in 1929. Asbestos was often used as a binder in the cement; therefore, mishandling the removal of transite roofing panels may contaminate the entire site. Risk Removal professionals are trained and certified in the safe and contained abatement of such asbestos-containing materials during and after demolition of a roof.

Our experts will manage the project from initial assessment to proper disposal of the materials. We use equipment designed specifically to tear off roofing material, including the complete removal of all the layers beneath the roof itself. The work is done with accuracy and speed so your project remains on track. In addition, we can assist you with finding experts for the installation of a new roof, once the old one has been removed and disposed of safely.

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