Lead Paint

Adriana Lopez points out in her recent article, “Hidden Hazards in your home - How to Identify and Remove them,” how in older homes, one needs to make sure lead paint is identified and safely abated. To learn about more hidden hazards, go to: Hidden Hazards in your home & How to Identify and [...]

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What you need to know about the EPA’s new lead paint regulations

In December of 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency published their new Lead Action Plan as a part of the President’s Task Force on Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks to Children. The purpose of the plan is to establish collaborative work practices between the federal government, local agencies, property owners, businesses, and parents to [...]

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7 Reasons why lead paint is harmful

We have all heard about the catastrophe in Flint Michigan that is still ongoing after 3 years. High levels of lead in the drinking water were found after the city changed the water source and left the water untreated. The tragedy is that it is well know that water needs to be treated when using [...]

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