Lead Abatement


Lead is an element that occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust. It can be found in soil, pipes, water, manmade products, and paint manufactured prior to 1978. Household objects, such as crystal and pottery, may contain lead as well. It enters the body and can result in dangerous health problems for infants, children, and adults. It is a toxic material and must be handled properly by professionals to remove it from your home, school, childcare center, rental property, commercial building, and shooting ranges.

Lead-based Paint

The federal government banned the use of lead in paint in 1978; however, there are millions of homes and commercial properties that have lead-based paint under coats of nonlead paint. The improper removal of layers of old paint may spread the contamination and result in additional hazards in the soil, flora, water, or adjacent structures.

Risk Removal professionals are trained in the safe, certified removal of lead and lead-based hazards. We comply with all EPA, OSHA, and CDC rules and regulations to assess, contain, remove, and dispose of lead and lead-based material from your home, school, commercial structure, or real estate property where it may be present.

For more information on lead and lead-based paint issues, download this guide:

Free Guide on Lead Abatement

The EPA also provides information on what must be done when remodeling or demolishing structures built prior to 1978. For more information, please download this guide:

EPA Renovate Right Brochure

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