Buying a New Home?

Mekalia Oaks recently posted an article on filled with valuable advice on building an experienced team to guide you through the process of buying a new home. When purchasing a house there are several important things you should do to make sure you are really buying your dream home, and not being saddled [...]

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History of Asbestos Part 1: What is in a Name?

Asbestos has gone by many names throughout its long and sordid jaunt through history. The word asbestos itself is adopted via the Old French “abestos”, which in turn got the word from Latin via Greek. It stems from the ancient Greek word “ἄσβεστος” meaning “unquenchable” or “inextinguishable” – however, this word only means that [...]

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Absence Makes the Mold Grow…

Here’s a great reminder to be aware of mold developments as folks return to places of business or visit dwellings that have been dormant since the pandemic began. WIRED’s article on mold sheds an interesting light on the return to normalcy and buildings untouched in several weeks or months. Mold is a simple [...]

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Asbestos in HVAC Systems

During these cold Colorado winters that spread into snowy springs, we rely heavily on the HVAC systems in our homes and businesses to keep us, our families, and our customers warm. Upkeep and maintenance on these systems is important to ensure they are getting the job done safely and efficiently. Special caution should be [...]

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