Biological/Animal Remediation

Environmental pollutants can cause harm to the air we breathe, the soil in which we walk and grow food, and the water we drink, bathe in, and use for laundry. Remediation of such contaminants includes the use of biological organisms to accelerate the natural decomposition of non-toxic and toxic substances. At Risk Removal, we are certified and trained to assess, contain, decontaminate, and remove biological substances that may cause illness or injury in your home or commercial space. We comply with OSHA, EPA, and state rules and regulations throughout the entire project, ensuring that your property will be safe to use.

Animals that inhabit and infest your home, commercial property, or school can create a hazardous environment through their waste, nesting materials, and parasites that thrive on their bodies. Risk Removal has the training and equipment to decontaminate and deodorize any area that has been affected by unwelcome wildlife. We will assess the extent of the situation, clear away refuse, decontaminate and deodorize the affected home, attic, or building, and will manage the process from beginning to end.

It is important to note that Risk Removal is not an extermination company; however, we work in partnership with firms that do provide those services.

For help with biological and animal remediation needs, please contact us at 970-221-9121 or via email at: RiskRemoval (