Flooring Removal

The removal of flooring can be a complex process that may disturb hazardous material that can contaminate the entire site. Many homes and commercial buildings erected prior to 1978 may have asbestos -containing floor tile, sheet vinyl, or mastic. These types of floors should be removed by professionals who are trained and certified to handle and dispose of such material. Risk Removal will assess the site and identify any hazards, including asbestos floor tiles or sheet vinyl, that might be present. Our experts are trained and certified in the safe abatement of both asbestos-containing and non-asbestos containing flooring products.

Risk Removal uses equipment designed for the quick and safe removal of tile, hardwood, ceramic and other flooring material, including adhesives, in spaces of all sizes. The work is done with accuracy and speed so your project remains on track. We will manage the project from the initial assessment through the safe removal of the flooring material. In addition, we can assist you with finding experts for the installation of a new floor, once the old one has been removed and disposed of properly.

For a review of your flooring removal project, please contact us at 970-221-9121 or via email at: RiskRemoval (help@RiskRemoval.com).