Mercury Abatement

Mercury is a neurotoxin that has no value in the human body. The effects of mercury poison on a person may vary from no reaction to nervous system problems such as psychotic reactions, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies and delirium. It is especially dangerous to unborn children and infants. There are ordinary household items that may contain mercury, such as fluorescent light bulbs and appliances, to button cell batteries used in watches and toys. Some materials used in construction also contain mercury, like gymnasium floors, thermostats, and boiler heating systems. To eliminate contamination of the air and water in the environment, mercury should be removed by professionals following all rules and regulations.

Risk Removal professionals are trained and certified in the proper abatement of mercury from your home, school, or commercial property. We follow EPA, OSHA, and state guidelines and requirements for the safe extraction and disposal of materials that may be harmful to you, your family, students and employees.

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