Mekalia Oaks recently posted an article on filled with valuable advice on building an experienced team to guide you through the process of buying a new home.

When purchasing a house there are several important things you should do to make sure you are really buying your dream home, and not being saddled with your worst nightmare. One of those things is hiring inspectors to thoroughly inspect the home for any hidden issues, such as structural damage and plumbing or electrical issues. In older homes it is especially important to hire inspectors that specialize in hazardous materials such as radon, mold, lead paint, asbestos and meth.  It is unusual for a general home inspector to have these specialized certifications.

Mekalia states, “Depending on the results of the home inspection report, you may have more negotiating power than before. If you’ve included an inspection contingency in your offer, you may be able to get the seller to cover the costs of certain repairs that come up in the inspection.”

For a list of more helpful information on what and who you need when buying a home, please read Mekalia Oaks’ full article, “Buying a New Home? Here’s 8 People You Need on Your Team” on