HVAC Cleanup

The air vents in your home, school, or office are collection points for dust, dirt, even mice or rats, and may impact the air quality of the environment. A complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) cleaning will minimize odors and eliminate contamination caused by air circulating through compromised ducts. Along with air quality concerns is the risk of problems caused by the mishandling of refrigerants, such as Freon. Improper management of this material may create a toxic environment that can cause serious injuries.

The team at Risk Removal is properly trained and certified to perform HVAC cleaning services to eliminate air contaminates, avoid physical injury, and prevent damage to the system itself. We comply with OSHA, EPA, and state rules and regulations, and use the proper equipment to ensure the job is done thoroughly and safely. Whether you are remodeling a home, planning to demolish a structure, or wanting to be assured that the air you breathe is clean of pollutants, Risk Removal will handle the project from start to finish.

For assistance with HVAC cleaning of your home, recreational vehicle, commercial building, or school, please contact us at 970-221-9121 or via email at: RiskRemoval (help@RiskRemoval.com).