Blood Cleanup

Events that cause the spillage of blood require specialized cleanup procedures to ensure the safety of your family, and employees. The improper cleaning and removal of blood, body fluid, and tissue may create hazardous situations that result in a disease outbreak. We manage cleanup in areas such as homes, classrooms, office buildings, police cars, jail cells, and hotel and motel rooms.

The Risk Removal team is certified and trained in the remediation of biohazards that includes blood. We follow OSHA, EPA, and state rules and regulations to contain, remove, disinfect, and deodorize the areas affected by the event. Our team is discrete and courteous in managing the cleanup from the initial assessment through the final verification that the area has been thoroughly sanitized. With Risk Removal handling the job, you can rest assured that you can return to the site and resume day-to-day activities and business safely.

For assistance in blood cleanup situations, please contact us at 970-221-9121 or via email at: RiskRemoval (