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Formaldehyde Remediation

Recently, concerns about formaldehyde in our homes have surfaced.  Weyerhaeuser manufactured floor joists containing formaldehyde have been found to cause substantial smells in newer homes.  Some home closing have been delayed because of the strong smell.  Similarly, Lumber Liquidators  sold laminate flooring from China that had elevated formaldehyde levels.  Formaldehyde causes some immediate physical reactions, such as burning eyes, scratchy throat and skin rashes.  Additionally, it elevates the risk of longer term effects such as cancer.

Products that may contain formaldehyde include composite woods, laminates, paints, combustion, floor finishes and electronic equipment.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a few ways to reduce the levels of formaldehyde in the environment:

  • Remove products with formaldehyde
  • Ventilate the space
  • Encapsulate the formaldehyde emitting materials
  • Use low emission products

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